The 411

Forever Bloom bouquets are sustainable, unique and handmade using all natural florals and foliage. (unless stated otherwise) 

They will last for up to 3+ years depending on storage and lighting:

- They hate bright light… keep the out of direct sunlight 

- Don't feed them after midnight... no need to put them in water at all.

(bunches can be made pet friendly)

Message me with any concerns or for further details and instructions. 

I release a new batch of themed bouquets monthly with seasonal colours and blooms.  

The update will be announced over at @_harbingerofbloom via stories to keep you all informed. 

I do all major calendar events as well as a few other dried creations in-between. 

I try to keep sizes uniform. themed bouquets are sold as a mini- standard size on a first come first served basis.

Commission bunches are available in 3 sizes: 

- Mini

- Standard

- Large 

Bouquets are limited additions! They’re all unique and will differ slightly to the images on my product page. I do not make commission bouquets twice as they are personal to the individual purchasing. I can use similar colours and florals but you will never see the same bouquet made twice... 

Custom bouquets can be arranged via email (contact page) Or by messaging me over on any of my socials. Please add: Themes, Colour schemes, size or budget and your ideal florals in the message.

I will ask you for a deposit (amount depending on size) so I can assure I have the right stock for your arrangements. 

Please allow up to 7 days for creation & postage of each/ every item purchased with HOB.

Shipping to the UK ONLY.

Instagram: @_harbingerofbloom

Facebook: HarbingerofBloom 

Fresh flowers to local postcodes will be announced soon.