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  • ⚡️ Exclusive collection ⚡️

‘For Wednesdays’

Gretchen said if you don’t have these blooms then you can’t sit with us!

This super sassy bouquet is full of the cutest bunny tails, fluffy pampas grass & bby pink palms!
It’s soooo Fetch 💘🌸


Summertiiime, time to sit back and unwiiind.
Think warm wind, birds tweeting, bees bussing & sunflowers swaying in the breeze.
Perfect for any rustic styled cottagecore vessel 🌻🌾


This monochrome bouquet can bring drama & sophistication to any room!

Pure white roses, fluffy black & white bunny tails with a jet black palm spear... she’s a bad mother shut yo mouth! ⚡️🌿

‘Spring Fling’

Spring fling is a tutti fruiti concoction of yellow roses, rainbow bunny tails & silver thistles.
These multicoloured blooms can fill any room. Think spring, candy coloured sunsets and technicolour dreams! 🌈🍬🌼

Bunches are made to order and can last up to 3+years with the right tender loving care...
They hate bright light ~ keep them out of direct sunlight.
Whatever you do, do not feed them after midnight~ Do not add to water, keep these baby’s dry.

- Expect them to spring up on your doorstep within 7 days of purchasing 🌷
Florals tend to have their own style & uniqueness about them ... they will slightly differ from the image shown above.

5 of each bunch available so be quick!!
£45 with free postage 💘