Mini bunches

  • Mini bunches
  • Mini bunches
  • Mini bunches
  • Mini bunches

Have you been searching for the perfect alternative gift?
— Did you forget a birthday?
Or are you on the hunt for a little something to brighten your day, cause you've been looking kind of pale lately?

Look no further!
The mini bunch is perfect for you.
Completely unique & customisable, simply add your colour and floral preferences to purchase notes, I got chU!

Commission bouquets will never be made twice, they are completely limited and tailored to you.
Bunches are a great sustainable option as they can last up to 3+ years, with the right tender loving care…
- They hate bright light ~ keep them out of direct sunlight.
- Whatever you do, do not feed them after midnight~ Do not add to water, keep these baby’s dry.

Do you have a little fur ball at home? Get in touch and we can discuss pet friendly options.

Expect orders to spring up on your doorstep within 7 days of purchasing ・:*₊‧✩